deploy remote event receiver sharepoint online

Steps to create a Remote event receiver using visual studio 2015 for SharePoint Online and deploy into Microsoft Azure

We can develop remote event receiver in SharePoint online using visual studio 2015. In SharePoint online Office 365 environments we can not run custom code in the SharePoint server. But …

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Get Content type name by content type Id using client side object model (csom) in SharePoint Online

A content type sharepoint 2013 is a reusable collection of metadata (columns), workflow, behavior, and other settings for a category of items or documents in a SharePoint 2013 list or …

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Remove UserCustomActions from Ribbon in SharePoint list using client side object model csom SharePoint Online

Here we will discuss how we can remove UserCustomActions from Ribbon, FormRibbon and ECB Menu using csom .Net managed object model code in SharePoint online. We will use here C#.Net …

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